A little about me :)
My name is Donna Sparkman, I realized my passion for hair fairly late in life.After I
 lost my son to cancer at age 7, I felt a desperate need to find something to pull me out
of the black cloud that had become my life. I tried realtor school & soon realized that it
wasn't really what I wanted to do.  Then by fate...I'm sure, I was referred to an amazing
woman to do my hair.  As we talked and got to aquainted I mentioned my need for a new
chapter, she asked if I wanted to assist her in her in home salon. My first day there I knew
THIS WAS IT! I had a passion for hair like nothing I had ever experienced before. 1 month later I
enrolled at Toni & Guy & became the first student to ever graduate with honors! Now I'm doing what
I absolutely love doing and I couldn't be happier. Hair isn't my job, it's my life.

 Love your Look!    

           Beauty at a beautiful price!