A little about me :)
My name is Donna Sparkman, I realized my passion for hair fairly late in life.After I
 lost my son to cancer at age 7, I felt a desperate need to find something to pull me out
of the black cloud that had become my life. I tried realtor school & soon realized that it
wasn't really what I wanted to do.  Then by fate...I'm sure, I was referred to an amazing
woman to do my hair.  As we talked and got to aquainted I mentioned my need for a new
chapter, she asked if I wanted to assist her in her in home salon. My first day there I knew
THIS WAS IT! I had a passion for hair like nothing I had ever experienced before. 1 month later I
enrolled at Toni & Guy & became the first student to ever graduate with honors! Now I'm doing what
I absolutely love doing and I couldn't be happier. Hair isn't my job, it's my life.

 Love your Look!    

           Beauty at a beautiful price!  

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. At Dalon I don't  believe in over priced salon services, I believe in  quality work at a fair price, as well as in quality over quantity... I would rather have 3 satisfied clients a day, then 6 unhappy clients. You can trust I will take the time to do it right the frst time and if for whatever reason you are not 100% happy with your hair please let me know, I will make it right!


Women's cut   $50 & up

Men's cut  $35 & up

Kid's cut (10 & under) $25 & up

Bang trim existing clients  $0

Bang trim new clients  $10

Deep conditioner  $35 (includes hot towel wrap & massage & blow dry)

Shampoo style out  $25 (includes blow dry add $10 for thermal ironing)

Up-do's-$50 & up

Extention blending   &80 & up

Thermal style out (no shampoo)  $25

Proudly offering Olaplex, a revolutionary product, the first of it's kind to repair disulfide bonds broken during chemical treatments or even just from thermal styling & wet brushing

I can now take your chemical service to places we couldn't go before without severely damaging your hair with Olaplex!
Olaplex added to color-$25 & up (price increases $5 for every additional product Olaplex is added to, toner etc...)
Olaplex added to bleaching- $35 & up (price increases as per mentioned above)
Olaplex in salon service- $25 (use this before a Keratin or just to repair damaged hair)
Olaplex take home bottle- $30 (lasts 8 weeks of once a week home maintenance treatments)

Chemical services

Add some dimension to your color for a deep rich appearance, or some highlights to brighten your face, or go with the hot & trendy Ombre/baliage! Feeling frisky with a hot pink color or pretty pastels, no problem! I can customly create any color you desire!

Suffering from the frizz from hell, take away up to 98% those nasty flyaways with my Keratin Complex Signature Smoothing treatment that can last anywhere from 3-5 months!

All over color roots-ends- $65 & up (Price goes up $10 for each additional tube of color needed)
Root touch up color- $55 & up (Price increase as mentioned above)
Under color- $30 (This is usually the bottom half of the back of the head and is usually darker then all over color)
Toner-$25 if stand alone service $15 if done with highlights
Highlights per packet-$10 each This is if you want just a few highlights placed 
Full Highlight- $100 & up (Based on length of hair and amount of product used & an additional $10 if toner is required)
Partial Highlight- $80 & up (Price increases as per mentioned above)
Crown Mini-Highlight- $60 & up (Price increses as per mentioned above)
Full Highlight w/color between packets- $125 & up (Color is placed on all hair not highlighted to cover grey or change color entirely. Price goes up based on length of hair, amount of product used & $10 for each additional tube of color)
Partial Highlight w/color between- $110 & up (Price increases as per mentioned above)
Crown Mini-Highlight w/ color between-$80 & up(This highlights top of head only, price increases per mentioned above)
Ombre- $140 & up (Price increases based on length of hair and whether 2 or 3 colors desired)
Ombre retouch- $80 & up (This is touching up the root shade and refreshing mids-ends of hair)
Balayage Specialty Highlights- $140 &up (This is a combination of an Ombre  or specially placed highlights throughout)
Global Lightner- $100 & up Bleaching entire head (Price increases based on length of hair, amount of product used & increases by $10 for each tube of toner needed to achieve the tone of blonde you desire
Global lightner retouch-$90 & up Maintenance for roots only (price increses as per mentioned above
Color correction- $200 & up This is to fix or change a color completely by having to strip or lighten existing color to achieve new desired color. (Price increases based on amount of product and time it takes to achieve desired color)
Keratin Express Smoothing system-$150 (Price increases based on length of hair and goes up by $20 per 1/4 oz of Keratin needed over initial 2oz usually required)
Keratin Same Day Smoothing System-$200 (Price increases based on length of hair and goes up by $20 per 1/4 oz of Keratin needed over initial 2oz usually required)
Keratin Smoothing system= $200 & up (Price increases based on length of hair and goes up by $20 per 1/4 oz of Keratin needed over initial 2oz usually required)

Waxing & Make-up application

Get rid of unwanted hair and stubble, hair grows back finer and less of it.

Going out or possibly a bride to be make-up application available upon request!

Make-up application- $50 & up

Eyebrow- $10           Lip- $5                Chin- $5                Lower Legs- 20           Full leg-$40